What’s In A Name?


So finally-my very first post in a blog! And not just any old blog; apparently this is MY blog! To say I find myself surprised to be here would be a bit of an understatement. Not being the savviest of users-of-the-Internet-and-all-matters-related, I did spend periods of time  staring at my iPad screen waiting for things to happen. For a long time nothing did. Turns out I seem to be unable to conjure up a password that will stymie the hackers so if you see here instructions on how to build a bomb or whip up a mean creme brûlée , it is not I but some other!

       Perhaps a good place to start would be to explain my user name. Now this took nearly an hour because apparently every single name beginning with ‘N’ that I could think of ,had already been snapped up by someone else. Fjnally it came down to two  nicknames I have possessed in the past,conferred to me by a friend and another friend respectively. One nickname was Nifty which had been bestowed on me in America ( Cleveland, Ohio to be exact) and the other Nitwit ( from Rajkot, India). The first was conferred on me in some desperation of being unable to pronounce my real name and not because I was particularly nifty with my hands or legs or anything like that! The second was one I was always  called by my friend and neighbour who being 7 years older than me and in the same school, thought it an appropriately condescending title to call out loudly when surrounded by our peers,just so there was no mistaking my lowly station in life!! Now when I am 51 and she 58, she still calls me Nitwit and I bear the distinction with honour!

             But there seems to be someone else who also bears the distinction and so I had to think of an alternative;hence the Nithwit. Now I must hasten to add for those who may erroneously think that it refers to some kind of lightening wit I may be in the posssession of, that it is nothing of the kind. It does not in any way allude to Wit of the Nith. Nith has no wit. So no pearls of wit will be strewn about here,I am sorry to say! It’s just plain and simple Nitwit with an ‘h’ in it as a nod to my name ! Therefore expect more Nitwit-type offerings and hopefully that’s me explained! 


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